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Professional Ethics (RE33RC11)

Professionalism is the #1 target for real estate commissions and the National Association of REALTORS®. The consumers are demanding it! The real estate community of licensees/brokers/managers are demanding it. What does your customer service look like? What do the buyers and sellers say about their experience with you? Not just you personally but also about your advertising and other marketing material. This course shows you how to evaluate your professionalism and how to make sure it’s RITZ Carlton quality…no matter what that looks like in your mind! See course outline

Course Outline

  1. Why is the real estate industry all of a sudden so concerned about professionalism?
    • Georgia Real Estate Commission Survey
      • GREC found that after reviewing the complaints, which had escalated in recent years, that 50% of those complaints filed were etiquette and manners based not violation of license law.
      • Report at the ARELLO meetings showed that most real estate commissions won’t approve ‘professionalism’ as a CE approved course. That has to change.
    • Reports from NAR’s DC Meetings
      • NAR has been holding Professionalism focus groups at the past 2 NAR DC meetings.
      • Professional Standards Committees are dealing with a rash of complaints that aren’t ethics violations but instead are etiquette and manners based.
      • What’s happened to the profession?
    • Professionalism focus groups in Hear It Direct.com findings
      • Videos shown to show the consumers reaction to their buying and selling experience.
      • Agent ratings and how good are they?
      • What’s the base line for professionalism?
  2. Consumer Centric Transaction needs to be the focus.
    • Seller’s Expectations
      • Competency, Accuracy, and Communication
      • Marketing, Representation, and Risk Management
    • Buyers Expectations
      • Competency, Accuracy, and Communication
      • Marketing their needs, Representation and Risk Management
    • Pathways to Professionalism brochure
      • The road map to proper behavior for REALTORS® and consumers as well
      • The licensees have to understand the home that they are showing is NOT their home. Nor is it the buyer’s home. Lack of respect for the property is a #1 issue!
  3. What’s ethics got to do with it?
    • Relationship of fellow licensees/REALTORS®
      • Communication
      • Contracts filled in correctly
      • Photographs and Details of the property submitted to MLS correctly and completely
      • Remain Objective…No SCREAMING!
      • Patience needs to be taught because it apparently has to be relearned
      • Fairness to all is the beginning of a good transaction
      • Meet your deadlines
      • Take the high road.
    • Truth in advertising from License Law and the Code of Ethics
      • Review of Michigan Advertising Rules/Regs
      • Article 12 of the Code of Ethics
      • Examples of the violations on the internet and otherwise
      • Breach of confidentiality in advertising and copyright violations
    • Mandate to Associations from NAR regarding the handling of complaints in a more timely manner and implementation of the citation policy.
      • The new NAR mandate focuses on professionalism. The process of filing a complaint and getting it to Grievance is long and as a result some people fail to file. This needs to be shortened through the use of electronic communication.
      • Citation policy is on the way in for certain articles of the Code
      • Ombudsman used for settling disputes between Brokerages or between a licensee and a consumer rather than mediation.
  4. How does the public see you?
    • Quality of your correspondence
      • Correct Grammar has never been so neglected
      • Electronic does not mean ignore all proper conduct
    • Sign/ads/ personal appearance
      • Does your picture look like you?
      • Are you signs clean? Are your descriptions of your listings accurate with NO puffing
      • Is your dress appropriate for the client you are with
      • Behavior in public or on line.
    • Timeliness of Communication
      • All communication must be returned within 24 hrs.
      • If you don’t have the answer still communicate that
      • Other people are waiting on you!
  5. The goal is always to never see your name in the headlines of a newspaper or on TV!

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